Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Real-life skeptic humor

Freethinkers have been known to throw a monkey wrench in the works of institutions that rely on citizens' not questioning them. Sometimes this results in amusing stories told at Center For Inquiry happy hours. One guy got a jury summons for a trial where someone sued a business because he fell on their slippery floor. During the jury selection, the lawyers asked all potential jurors: have your ever slipped and fell for no reason? Everybody said yes. The CFI guy said no. A surprised lawyer asked: really? never? The guy said: I've fallen when I've tripped on something, or when I was drunk, or clumsy, but never for no reason. The lawyers briefly discussed it among themselves, and told him to immediately leave the building and not even talk with anyone on his way out. The way they explained it, "we don't want people who actually *think* about the questions we're asking".