Saturday, August 11, 2007

Con disaster stories: an ArmadilloCon 2007 panel

Some of the panelists started accumulating material for this panel since the very beginning of their involvement with fandom. One panelist was drafted into working an art show at a convention because she packed a short, low-cut dress. Another was told that her background as a medical professional working in a psychiatric ward made her eminently qualified. That's not to say she did not get creeped out by things she saw at cons. A certain con in the Pacific Northwest has mock slave auctions, where (if I understood correctly) teenage girls are "auctioned off". The panelist did not go into details, except to say "sometimes they're kissing auctions, sometimes they are creepy. Lingerie is usually involved."

The program book said: "Want to hear about the best disasters in the fandom world?" Indeed, some of the fiascos, or merely weird stories, mentioned in this panel, were real pearls.

They swooned over Brad, even though he wasn't Pitt

To stir things up, put a dyslexic in charge of printing the program

Sprinklers are not a sex toy

Pictures from ArmadilloCon 2007 can be found in my photo gallery.

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