Saturday, December 01, 2007

Towel animals

I must mention one neat experience I had during the cruise, something that offset the flashiness, gaudiness and noise. Towel animals! When making up guests' rooms, the housekeeping crew folded towels into animal shapes and placed them on beds. They did it while guests were at dinner. There was a different animal each night: a seal, a dog, a cat , a frog. Coming from dinner, it was fun to wonder what kind of towel animal we'll find tonight. Then on the last day of the cruise there was a workshop on how to make your own towel animals. It was only 30 minutes long, so we only had time to make a dog and a seal. Not because they take that long to make, but because the instructors had to explain the same steps over and over to a million people. :-) Pictures from the workshop, as well as pictures of several kinds of towel animals (including a swan and an elephant) are in my photo gallery.

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