Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Linucon 2005: quips and robots

A woman to Rob Landley: you've been preparing food every time I come here.

Rob says something like "it's my job".

The woman: and it disappears even faster than you make it.

Rob Landley: My objective here is not be able to keep up.

Austin Robot Group had a display of their robots at Linucon. Such as this one. (Click the image for a bigger version.)

The Babbling Robot Head was singing Scottish traditional songs in a voice that, according to the project description in the Austin Robot Group's website, is synthesized. The voice is kind of nasal and drone'y, but oddly pleasant. Well, maybe not all of its songs were Scottish, but the one I remember best, "Flower of Scotland", was. It is captured in this video (9 sec).
This robot has lightning flashing across its "face" and it moves its arms up and down and those pincers at the end of its arms rotate. A video can be found here (13 sec). I could not find its name or description in the Austin Robot Group's page.

This "grim reaper" robot (another one whose name or description I could not find) turns its head from side to side and waves its hands, as seen in this video (8 sec).
Here are more images of Linucon 2005 robots.

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